Ezy Dose Pill Crusher with Ergo Grip Product Review

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This is the Ezy Dose Pill Crusher with Ergo Grip. This pill crusher is a great product to have if you have pills you need to crush because the tablets are too big and difficult to swallow. It says on the label that it crushes tablets into a fine powder, so let’s try it out and see how it goes.

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How To Use The Ezy Dose Pill Crusher With Ergo Grip

The directions are listed on the back of the Ezy Dose Pill Crusher with Ergo Grip. You first unscrew the crusher cap and place the tablet into the tablet container. The crusher cap is shaped like a shallow cone. Inside the tablet holder, it’s a similar shape.

Then all you do is to put the crusher on top and start turning it around several times. You can hear that the tablet being crushed inside. It’s easy to turn the pill crusher around because of its ergonomic grip.

Pill Crusher Cap

Tablet Becomes Fine Powder

After turning around the pill crusher, you can see inside the cap that the tablet has become a fine powder. Then you can pour it out into what you want to mix the tablet with. Sometimes you can take it with food or liquids, and it just depends on the pill and what your doctor has prescribed for you. If it’s for your dog or cat, then this will work well to mix it with their food.

Tablet Becomes Fine Powder

This pill crusher works really well, and I understand why it has such great reviews. Simple little device and does exactly what it says it will do. For pills that can be crushed and eaten in a meal or with liquids, this is a great pill crusher that allows you not to have to swallow the pill.

Where To Buy

You can get this , or you should be able to find it in other local stores near you as well.

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