MEDca Weekly Pill Organizer

MEDca Weekly Pill Organizer Product Review

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The MEDca Weekly Pill Organizer looks like a great way to organize your pills for the week. There are colorful compartments for each day of the week, Monday through Sunday. It’s quite easy to pull out each compartment for that day and each day has four separate compartments in it. These four labels for each day are 1. Morn (morning), 2. Noon, 3. Eve (evening) and 4. Bed (at bedtime).

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Accessing The Compartments

It’s very easy to slide off the top cover to access first the morning compartment. Then, the further you push the cover you’ll be able to access the other compartments of noon, evening and bedtime compartment.

As you want to fill each compartment up for the whole week, you turn the clear holder upside down and pull out the colorful day compartments. It’s best to keep them in order which makes it easier to put them back into the clear holder in the correct order.

Accessing The Day Compartments

Fill Up For One Week

When you have removed all the lids on the day compartments, you can fill up all the chambers for that week. This, of course, needs to be done each week. When the lids are placed back on the day colorful compartments, you just put them back into the clear plastic holder in the correct order Monday – Sunday.

Fill Up Each Day Compartment For The Week

Fill Up Each Day Compartment For The Week

Weekly Pill Organizer Helps You Keep Track

The MEDca Weekly Pill Organizer is helpful to me because I often forget if I have taken my tablets for that day, and when I took it whether it was in the morning or afternoon. Using this pill organizer, it will be much easier to know whether the tablet has been taken or not. It’s a little work to put them into their containers each week, but it’s worth it to make sure you are certain whether you took the tablet for that day.

Great For Traveling

It looks like it’s great for traveling as well because then you don’t need to bring all the different bottles so this MEDca Weekly Pill Organizer will take up much less space. So when you’re traveling, just bring this weekly pill organizer, and as long as you’re traveling for only a week, this pill organizer is all you need to bring with you. When traveling and we’re not in our daily routine it can be easy to forget if we took the tablet or not. If you have trouble remember when you took your vitamin or medication last, then this MEDca Weekly Pill Organizer can be a great way to keep you organized.

Where To Buy

You can get the , or you should be able to find it in other local stores near you as well.

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