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This is the Prepworks Vitamin Dispenser made by Progressive. I’ve not seen such a vitamin dispenser before, and it looks like a pretty good deal so you can have all your vitamins and medications in one bottle. This should save a lot of space on the counter, and especially less to bring with when traveling.

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Inside Cap and Outside Cap

There are these small holes in the caps, and when they align up, you can get one of the vitamin pills or medications out of the dispenser. There are two caps with this vitamin dispenser. I refer to the top cap as the “Outside Cap” and the bottom cap as “Inside Cap”.

Outside Cap

The Outside Cap has only one hole in it. The Inside Cap has six holes, one for each compartment. When you remove the Outside Cap, you can see all six holes in each of the compartments of the Inside Cap. When you remove the Inside Cap as well, you can easily access the six chambers and fill them with pills and capsules.

Inside Cap

When you have filled up the chambers, you put both the Inside and Outside Cap back on. The Outside Cap with only one hold on it, has to align one with of the holes in the Inside Cap to be able to get the pills from that chamber out. If the hole is not aligned with any of the holes to the six compartments, then the pills cannot come out of the dispenser, so you don’t need to be concerned about pills falling out even if it’s upside down in your purse.

Labels For Each Compartment

Also included in the box, there are labels, white stickers, that you can write and put on the different compartment outside. That is quite nice because it’s not always easy to tell the difference between the various pills or capsules. Here you can see inside the 6 compartments.

6 Compartments Inside

Great For Travel

This is a great product to have when traveling or just on your counter without having to have so many bottles on your table taking up space and creating a mess.

Where To Buy

You can get this , or you should be able to find it in other local stores near you as well.

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  1. This type has been around for a loooooong while… the concept works well and I would recommend them … my daughter has been using them for a very long time….

    1. Post

      Hi Suzanne, that’s great you recommend using them. I’ve not used this type before, but really Iike how simple it is to use. Just a bottle and two lids!

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