Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop Product Review

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I just purchased the Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle. I purchased the black color, but they have it available in pink color as well and at a really good price point. I just received it in the mail and here is my product review of this scoop.

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Delicious Ice Cream

I love ice cream and after a long day it’s so nice to be able to bring out my favorite ice cream and relax in front of the TV. But when the ice cream has been in the freezer for a while it can be difficult to get a proper amount of ice cream out since the it has has become quite hard. I therefore am always for the lookout for a good scoop, that makes it easier for my hand with arthritis to be able to easily use without getting any pain.

Heavy Duty Scoop

I therefore wanted to try this Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle because it’s a heavy duty scoop. It is actually a lot heaver than it looks in the pictures. What is nice about this scoop is that it does not have any moving parts that can break. I have other scoops with other moving parts to release the ice cream, but they often become flaky after using them for a while.

Unique Design

It’s quite easy to create a nice round scoop of ice cream using this scoop. I do not need to put much pressure on the scoop as the way it’s build and design makes it cut through the ice cream. It’s a very different design than the other round ice cream scoops I have. The front of it is more of a flat straight cut, but which somehow makes it cut straight into the ice cream. It also makes it easier to get the ice cream out of the scoop because of it’s more “flat” design. With other scoops I have I sometimes need to use another spoon to get the ice cream out of the scoop which can be a little annoying, but I don’t have that issue with this Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop.

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop

Each scoop creates a nice ball of ice cream without too much effort of me having to put pressure on the handle so I am very happy with it so far. Before I purchased it I read it can be used to scoop out seeds from melons which is a nice option too. I have not used it for this, but I think it will work very well for that too.

This Spring Chef Ice Cream scoop is dishwasher safe which is important to me, because I prefer to just use the dishwasher and not have to was it by hand.

Where To Buy Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop

It has a very nice price tag which makes it affordable for such a heavy duty scoop. You can buy Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop on Amazon. Underneath is a picture with direct link:

Have you tried this scoop before?

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